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The first time I looked into my daughter’s eyes, I knew photography mattered. Capturing this moment - capturing all of her special and beautiful moments to come - would be my way of keeping all of these fleeting memories close to my heart for a lifetime. Children grow so fast, and I knew my time with her in my arms would be short. Getting “the shot” had more meaning than ever, and I began to find my passion.


I had been immersed in the creative marketing industry for over eleven years and I was beginning to see life differently. I had worked on projects for the Sundance Film Festival, the PGA tour and a variety of other high-end projects but my heart found its purpose when I took photos of my children, and soon, of other parents’ children and families. 


Kids are real; they tell it how it is, and they don’t know how to “fake it”. Children always offer raw, honest emotion and when this is captured in a photo, we have a true memory of that child’s personality we can keep forever, who they really are. Its my privilege to captures these special moments and memories for all my clients and I would love to do the same for you.



Kate Vaughn is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of North Florida and her two favorite subjects (daughters Aydin and Ryker) motivate her to keep finding her passion. Being a parent herself, Kate knows how amazing it is to remember your child at a particular moment in life, and to capture that moment in a way that will last for generations.  


Kate loves working with parents, grandparents and families to capture photos of their children that reflect their imagination, personality and the whimsical side that makes each child who they really are. She shines strongest when working in natural light because she believes that kids feel free to truly express themselves outdoors in an environment of “Play” and this allows her to capture some amazing moments.  


Get in touch with Kate today and begin imagining a creative photoshoot that reflects your child’s whimsical character, and brings out the elements of their personality that make them truly unique. Creating  imaginative scenes, using artistic and beautiful props and wardrobe, and fostering an environment where your child feels safe and an incredible way to keep this moment in time. Take a look through Kate’s portfolio and imagine what you can create together.

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